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Why See A Travel Doctor?

You've booked that trip of a lifetime. The plane tickets are under your passport. You're counting down the days until you leave. Travel insurance? Sorted. Cash passport? Done.

You're all set, right? Hang on, a moment. At least a month before you're off, be sure to see Dr Michael Oehley at the Waikato Travel Clinic, your well-travelled, experienced, and local travel doctor.

Why, you say? It's just two weeks away at a resort. I'll be fine. Sadly, too many travellers take this approach and, when illness strikes, come to regret their decision.

Travel medicine doesn't have to expensive, painful, or both. At Waikato Travel Clinic, we take pride in providing a service that is friendly, helpful, informative and affordable. Our job is to help you travel well, whether it be reminding you about safe eating and drinking in developing countries, providing you with the means to keep mosquitoes at bay, or ensuring that your essential immunisations are up-to-date.

At Waikato Travel Clinic, Dr Oehley takes a risk management approach to your travel. The risks of spending a year backpacking across Africa are undoubtedly higher than a one week resort holiday in Phuket - and so, your medical requirements will differ accordingly. The way we see it, reducing risks to an acceptable level is the best way to ensure that your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

Still not convinced? Here are some facts about travel you might not know:

The Zika virus, which can cause birth defects in unborn babies, is found throughout the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Central America, and elsewhere. Read more here.

In Africa, malaria is still responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths a year, mainly in children. Tourists have no immunity and are especially vulnerable - but it can be prevented by taking tablets during periods of exposure. Read more here.

The Yellow Fever vaccine is mandatory for entry to dozens of countries in Africa and South America - and onward travel to such countries as the United States, Australia and India also mandates this vaccine. You can only get the Yellow Fever vaccine from an authorised vaccination centre such as Waikato Travel Clinic. Read more here.

A trip to the travel doctor might involve no needles at all, or just a few such as Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus and Influenza - which are the four most frequently administered vaccines by most travel doctors. Read more here.

So what are you waiting for? The doctor is ready to see you now at the Waikato Travel Clinic.


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