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What Vaccines Do I Need For... Bali/Indonesia?

You've booked your flights to Bali, your accommodation is sorted and you've got insurance. Your next Google Search starts What Vaccines Do I Need For Bali? Well, search no further.

Bali is a popular destination for New Zealand travellers, with stunning beaches, exotic temples, delicious food and untamed islands to explore. Many Kiwis head over there without taking any health precautions, but this is not advisable.

Risks to your health in Bali include traveller's diarrhoea, water-borne illnesses such as Hepatitis A and Typhoid (both vaccine preventable), mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, zika, chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis (vaccine preventable), Rabies from dog or monkey bites, accidents, assault, sexually-transmitted infections and more.

If you book a consultation with Dr Michael Oehley at the Waikato Travel Clinic prior to your adventure in Bali, I will go through the above risks with you in detail and determine what vaccines (if any) you need. The risks to your health depend very much on the length of your itinerary, the activities you'll be doing, your pre-existing health conditions, and your own judgement of what constitutes 'risk'.

For example, a 3-day business trip or a brief 5-night stay in a luxury beach-side resort might involve a relatively low risk and you might decide for yourself that you don't need any vaccines - but don't forget that mosquitoes don't discriminate when they bite and you can't always trust the quality of the water or the hygiene of the food you eat. For this type of itinerary I would recommend Hepatitis A+Typhoid vaccine, insect-bite prevention, prescriptions for treatment of traveller's diarrhoea and ensuring your childhood vaccinations (including Tetanus) are up-to-date.

On the other hand, a surfer spending two months exploring the islands of Indonesia including Bali, traversing rural landscapes and pursuing risky activities like unprotected sex, bungee jumping or jungle trekking is potentially at a much higher risk of contracting numerous illnesses. For this type of itinerary I would strongly recommend Hepatitis A+Typhoid, Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines, insect-bite prevention, prescriptions for treatment of traveller's diarrhoea and malaria prevention, and ensuring your childhood vaccinations (including Polio and Tetanus) are up-to-date.

Remember that every itinerary is different - and your own health needs will vary depending on your age, sex and medical history. The above advice is meant as a guide only, and you should either see your G.P. or book an appointment at the Waikato Travel Clinic for Dr Michael Oehley's expert advice and management. Book now!


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