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The Joy of Healthy Travel

The sun beats down, warming your skin... the eggshell blue horizon stretches in an endless 360 degree arc... the parched yellow earth shimmers before you, broken only by the granite up-thrusting of bygone geological eras... time seems irrelevant here; as though the world you left behind does not exist... it is only you, in this place, at this moment... living.

Travel is one of modern life's great luxuries, available to more people than ever before by the relative affordability of airfares and the wide variety of potential destinations just a few clicks away from booking on the internet. As your trusted local travel doctor, the Waikato Travel Clinic understands that - if you're going to spend thousands of your hard earned dollars on airfares, accommodation and activities overseas - then you expect value for money. The best way to make the most of your travels is to be 100% fighting fit during your break. After all, who wants to spend their precious vacation getting acquainted with a hotel toilet or shivering under a duvet while battling the flu or dengue fever?

What we strive for Waikato Travel Clinic is to arm you with the most up-to-date, evidence-based advice, preventative treatments and immunisations to ensure that you Travel Well. We're not here to sell you vaccines you don't need at exorbitant prices. We're here to support safe and healthy travel, because travelling is our passion too.

Here's a small sample of the handy advice you'll get during a pre-travel consultation with Dr Michael Oehley at the Waikato Travel Clinic:

1. Did you know that the mosquito which transmits the dengue fever virus, Aedes aegypti, likes to bite during the day-time? That means that you need to wear insect repellent all day, every day when travelling throughout South Asia, South-east Asia, the Pacific Islands, sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and South America.

2. Travellers often take careful precaution with drinking water while overseas - only to make the common mistake of brushing their teeth with tap water or having ice added to their drinks. One of the commonest sources of traveller's diarrhoea in the developed world is ice.

3. Animals that transmit rabies virus like dogs, bats and monkeys can shed the virus in their saliva before they show any symptoms. This means you cannot assume an animal is rabies free when it bites you. You must get urgent medical attention from a reliable medical professional, to ensure that life-saving post-exposure rabies prophylaxis is given appropriately.

So if you'd like more useful advice from your trusted source of travel medicine, make an appointment now to see Dr Michael Oehley before you fly, so that you Travel Well.


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