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Do I need to see a Travel Doctor before I go overseas?

Travelling overseas is one of life's great highlights, but can pose significant risks to your health. If you are travelling to Africa, the Middle East, South America, Central America, South Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands; then it is a very good idea to ensure that your immunisations are up-to-date and you are armed with high quality, evidence-based advice from your trusted travel doctor, Dr Michael Oehley. Book now!

Why do i have to pay a consult fee? The internet told me what vaccines i need.

Travel medicine is a complex and growing specialty. As more people travel each year to increasingly exotic locations, so does the risk of acquiring and spreading infectious disease. Doctor Google may be able to give you some idea of what vaccines you need - broadly speaking - but it is no substitute for the comprehensive advice and experience of your trusted travel doctor. With 55 countries travelled and more than 13 years of medical experience including post-graduate training in travel medicine under his belt, and keeping abreast of the most up-to-date research, surveillance and evidence, Dr Michael Oehley will go the extra mile to ensure that you Travel Well.

how much will it cost?

Seeing a travel doctor does not have to cost a small fortune. At Waikato Travel Clinic we endeavour to provide the most competitive prices on our vaccines and travel medicines. Dr Michael Oehley gives you common sense advice on how to stay healthy whilst overseas; and gives you a risk-based assessment to help decide which vaccines (if any) are required. See our Services page for our current price list.

why do i need a 60-min appointment for vaccines?

Even if you have a good idea what vaccines you need for your travels, it is still important for Dr Michael Oehley to thoroughly assess your travel health needs and risks. Furthermore, vaccines such as Yellow Fever (Stamaril) are live vaccines, and can have some serious side effects. A comprehensive review of your medical history is required to ensure that you do not have a serious reaction. The Ministry of Health also has strict regulations about the administration of Yellow Fever vaccine, and after your vaccine, the doctor will need to complete your International Health Regulations Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. Read more about Yellow Fever here.

will i get side effects from my vaccines?

Side effects are always a possibility after immunisations - but most of our travel vaccines are quite well tolerated. Common side effects include a sore arm, low-grade fevers, headaches, mild flu-like illness and itch. Serious side effects are extremely rare, with the risk being much less than 1 in 10,000. Read more about immunisation from the N.Z. Ministry of Health.

where else can i get travel health advice?

There are plenty of untrustworthy websites on the internet, so don't rely on Doctor Google. I recommend the following websites for reliable, up-to-date and evidence-based travel medicine advice:

The U.S. Government's Centre for Disease Control

The U.K. National Health Services Fit for Travel website

The World Health Organisation


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